Our friends
Meet the stars of our program
Yoda came to us about 16 years ago as a rescue. He's a Solomon Island skink. We estimate that he is probably about 20 years old!
Bubba is a marine toad, otherwise known as a cane toad. Some of his favorite foods are giant mealworms and crickets.
​Slim is one of our 'touchable' friends.  He's a red rat snake or corn snake.  They are found in the southeastern United States. 
Popeye is our gorgeous blood python from Malaysia. He's a chubby, slow moving snake. He is about 4 feet in length and won't grow much longer than 5 feet.
One of our crowd favorites! This is Flash, our red-foot tortoise. Flash is shown here with a camera lens for size reference.  He's much larger now and may live to be up to 70 years old!